"Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know"

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"Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know"

Jon Leland
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Welcome to the most practical and concise introduction to Internet marketing available.

"Internet Marketing is a short read at about 85 pages, but you'll find that every page is packed with powerful information. It's a distilled version that could be hundreds of pages if Leland wanted to fill the book with fluff. Instead, he provides a very refined and focused piece that is brimming with uniquely centered and balanced approaches to both big picture strategy and down-to-earth tactics for Internet marketing." - Tara Hornor, blogger

“Digital marketing isn’t hard, but it is complicated. Jon Leland has provided an extraordinarily useful guide that shows the ins and outs of the full breadth of the industry. A great primer, and a must-read for anyone taking the digital marketing plunge for the first time.” - Jay Baer, Co-Author of The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Company Faster, Smarter, and More Social

"Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know" offers a top-level conceptual overview that opens a whole new world of online opportunities for both those who are just getting started as well as those who may be struggling to find traction. After clarifying the inefficiencies of Old Marketing, "Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know" illuminates the fundamentals of New Marketing with clarity, the author’s palpable enthusiasm and even a bit of humor.

Enjoy the ride. The toothpaste is not going back into the tube. New Marketing is here to stay and because it will continue to evolve rapidly, the sooner you get involved the better.

Table of Contents:

- Introduction

- Prologue: A True Sea Change

Part One: Build a Solid Foundation: Know Your Fundamentals

- Key Concept # 1: Authenticity Ignites Your Attraction Engine

- Key Concept # 2: The Gospel of Relevance

- Key Concept # 3: Conversions & Customer Engagement: What Happens Next?

- Key Concept # 4: Launch and Learn: Be In It to Win It

Part Two: The Different Types of Internet Marketing

- Key Concept # 5: Well-Targeted SEO Leverages Your Strategic Focus

- Key Concept # 6: NextGen Advertising is PPC, an Outrageous Outreach Opportunity

- Key Concept # 7: Social Media Marketing and the Customer-Powered Future

Part Three: Make It Last

- Key Concept # 8: Lead with Value

- Taking It to the Next Level

- Thank You’s, Appreciations & Acknowlegements

- About the Author

This book's author, Jon Leland, has been a marketing communications expert for over 40 years. He is the founding director of creative services at USA Network, a keynote speaker and an award-winning video writer/producer/director whose clients include AT&T, Xerox, HBO, Pacific Bell and Oracle. Among other venues, his work has been featured at Disney World’s Epcot Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently, he is president & creative director of the strategic online communications agency, ComBridges.com, and the Founder and Dean of NewMarU.com, New Marketing University, an online education website dedicated to “spanning the Grand Canyon Gap between people and technology.”

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